Top 4 Ancient arts that one must learn to master the “Art of Eight Limbs”

Once you are joining any training camp in Thailand to learn the “Art of Eight Limbs” (Muay Thai), you are going to attend multiple different courses along with core one. Before you wonder the necessity of doing this, check the top 4 ancient arts that you should never miss while practising Muay Thai and the list goes as follows.

1.    Krabi Krabong:

It is a Thailand originated weapon based martial art that teaches the art of survival. The name has been derived from the two weapons used here for practising; the curved sword (Krabi) and the staff (Krabong). These two weapons are used for strikes, locks, holds and kicks. In case the weapons broke down, the battlefield resumes with the conventional fight; it is a generalised fighting that can be used as self-defence.

2.    Muay Boran:

Also known as “ancient boxing”, Muay Boran is a modern version of ancient Thai martial arts that employs striking attacks along with joint locks, throws and ground grappling. This act of self-defence was used to be more common in Thai military. Fighters exercise their power limit against each other by gripping their hands and forearms with hemp rope that only give their strike more weight but also holds the capability to cut an opponent.

3.    Yoga:

Yoga brings the perfect balance between one’s heart and soul thereby curates a perfect health. This Indian meditation technique helps Muay fighters to attain inner calmness by which getting a farm control over the anger and emotional imbalance become quite comfortable. The art is trained by professionals often on beach to bring the complete environment of meditation.

4.    Western Boxing:

Every fighter who thrives on improving his punching skill takes part in western boxing classes. The course covers an extensive training upon footwork, punching mechanics, counters, head movements and much more. It is one of weight loss program. The course is carried away minimum twice in a week followed by shadow boxing, bag work and other combinational drills.

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