Muay Thai: Battle On The Desert Results

The night that MMA fans have been clamoring over within the past 6 months is finally reading this. UFC 129 live from Toronto, Ontario, is just hours away, as Georges St-Pierre awaits his toughest test to date in San Francisco’s own, Jake Shields. Shields, who is riding a 15-fight winning streak, looks to challenge the … [Read more…]

Jump Rope For Boxing And Muay Thai

The Rams (16-7, 6-3) have been quietly winning their way through this 2010-11 process. Well, maybe not so quietly, mainly because the Moby Maniacs have returned to Fort Collins recently (averaging nearly 7,000 fans in tackled . three home games) their ancient Moby Arena may be shaking as a result of shouting. Heavy bags come … [Read more…]

Martial Arts: What Draught Beer?

Bob Foster was born on April 27, 1938 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and would remain a better Mexico man all his life. He played football in high school, despite the fact that he was very efficient at it, he was always more consumed by boxing. Within a scuffle after school he once fractured another boy’s … [Read more…]